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Ergonomics in Canada

In 2001 Statistics Canada published a report on Repetitive Strain Injury indicating 10% of Canadians, or 2.3 million people, age 20 years or older, experienced Repetitive Strain Injury at some point in the past year which interfered with their activities.

Half of those were work related.

This figure is up from 8% in a previous survey.


Ergonomic Hazard assessment

Many jurisdictions in Canada have either specific ergonomics regulations or use the General Duty Clause to require employers to identify and control ergonomic hazards.

Like other hazards, ergonomic hazards are assessed to determine the need for risk control.

How much is too much? Although some repetitive motion, awkward postures and force application is desirable, hazard assessment will tell you if it may lead to injury.


ergonomics training

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posturesafe training system



Trying to create an ergonomics culture? Empower workers by including them in education and training development and delivery. When employees take ownership of the ergonomics message, ergonomics culture follows.


Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention

Musculoskeletal disorders, known also as Repetitive Strain Injuries, are  one of the most troublesome types of injuries that persist in organizations which have effective occupational health and safety programs.


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