Here's how it works!

You have been looking for ways to get employees working ergonomically and safely. You know it is possible to do it and you know that exercise helps keep our bodies healthy and injury-free. But getting employees to buy in needs improving. Rather than hope employees are doing the common sense thing, implement the PostureSAFE method and assure the safety of your employees.

Here's how it WORKS (and it does!); suppose you identify your high risk tasks where musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) occur and identify the posture challenges in those tasks. Posture challenges are those positions and motions that develop into muscle imbalances and eventually MSIs. Identify and train your employees in posture solutions and injury prevention exercises to mitigate those posture challenges. Use your own employees as trainers and ask Supervisors to also provide positive feedback. This will sustain improved ergonomic behaviour and create confidence in performing physical demands as employees start feeling BETTER.

A great example - For tasks involving bending just below wait-height, there is wrong and right way to bend. Why not take a picture showing both the right and wrong ways and post it right at the workstation? Employees get to practice so their training is both individual and non-threatening. Employee input is always considered so employees feel ownership over the message, and are more likely to continue being safe.

The content of the material is VITAL! There are certain posture challenges that need to be identified and solutions implemented immediately. It's not what we do, it's how we do it. It's not what WE do, it's what EMPLOYEES do and believe that sustains training.

In closing - on the subject of how to get employees working ergonomically and keeping their bodies healthy and injury-free, I am getting some great feedback on the PostureSAFE training. I enjoy it - make to keep the feedback coming (at NO charge). It is easy to see those that have spent some time refining their health and safety program management skills. This training pays off.